Whom We are

About AGEF

Bent on Raising a Godly Generation

APPLE OF GOD’S EYES FOUNDATION (AGEF) is a Christian Faith –Based NGO that organizes COUPLES’ FORUM for the married and SINGLES’ FORUM for the unmarried. They equally embark on LITERATURE and TAPE MINISTRY as means of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Nigeria and beyond. As an NGO registered with CAC in Nigeria, the foundation is bent on:
1. Promotes family values and conduct. Empowers family members.
2. Reaches out to as many families as possible through the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
3.Promotes Youth Education enhances the prestige and image of Nigerian Youths. Assists and establishes Widows Orphans, Destitute and Divorced Women also Singles Parents Pregnant Young Girls and Vulnerable Children.
4. Provides Care and support for the People living with HIV/AIDS.
5. Organises workshops, Seminars, Programmes, Micro Credit Schemes for human capacity development and productivity.
6. Organizes Awards to promote integrity, Peace Unity, Better Co-existence, Cohesion and Co-operation with families and communities.
7. Uses the Media Books, Theatre Publications, Music and Libraries to promote Public enlightenment on positive family development. Among many others. The good Lord graciously entrusted the foundation in the hand of Nnamdi Ezeh and his wife, Rose Chinedu.

What We do

Marriage is a ministry and every couple has an assignment from God. Therefore, it is God's desire to raise couples like Priscilla and Aquilla of the Bible through the Couples Forum (Act 18: 1- 3 , 24- 28. Rom 16 : 3 - 5). This couple affected espacially the lives of God's Ministers and many people in their enviroment. Moreover, their home became a succor to the Missionaries and the Body of Christ. AGEF is a platform to raise the Aquilla and Priscilla of our generation. AGEF organise FIVE major programmes among which are:

Our Vision

To build a family where every member recognizes Jesus Christ as the Head and daily submits to His will, seeking to please Him and living in harmony with one another, thus building a godly, peaceful, and joyful home.

Our Mission

To reach families with God’s Word by organizing Couples’ and Singles’ Forums, Seminars, Conventions and distribution of Literature and Audio/Video Tapes, DVDs and CDs; hence, we are committed to Home Building, Preparing the unmarried for Marriage, Repairing Family Altars and Couples relationship.

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